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Vol 1, No 1  

Tressie Magazine Issue 1:

– Natural Sisters Who Took the World by Surprise- Afro-Surrealism and the Work of Shy Hamilton- Nollywood Nightmare

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PRESS RELEASE: First Magazine Devoted to Women of Color in Film

December 27, 2010, San Francisco, CA –The first film festival devoted to Black women directors and actors now has its own magazine: Introducing Tressie Magazine!

In 2004, the International Black Women’s Film Festival produced a popular digital magazine called Vivid.Id. The festival founder and organizer, Adrienne Anderson, is re-introducing a revamped and reworked version of Vivid. ID.

Vivid.Id is now renamed Tressie Magazine!

Tressie Magazine is name after Tressie Souders, the first Black woman to produce, write and direct her own film in 1929. In keeping with the festival’s Tressie Awards, organizer Adrienne Anderson, decided to keep the name for the magazine.

“Tressie Souders as a brand will only raise awareness about her contributions and her history,” said Ms. Anderson. “Imagine how many people will seek out Ms. Souders’ story after seeing her name associated with the first film festival devoted exclusively toward combating negative stereotypes against Black women in film, television and media?”

Tressie Magazine promises insightful articles about your favorite Black actresses, including a refreshingly contemporary look at style, music and the film industry –especially in regards to women of color.

Tressie Magazine will have a free, limited content online version, and a pay-by-demand offline print version through MagCloud, a project of Hewlett-Packard.

According to Adrienne, “Unlike the traditional magazine –which is a take-it-or-leave-it business model—Tressie Magazine will have more options for the contemporary audience, namely, online viewing, mobile viewing, a print-on-demand magazine, and an opportunity for viewers to give their feedback.”

As far as the vision for the magazine, “It’s a decidedly edgier and contemporary view of Black women in film, television and media. My vision is to present quality design, excellent writers, and a cadre of tastemakers who understand the larger impact of film, media and television… especially how it relates to the image of Black women in the United States and around the world.”

Tressie Magazine currently has a call for writers and is due for premiere in March 2011.

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