Tyra’s Casting for Cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model – DEADLINE Aug. 18th!

Okay, ladies. Get your photographs and attitudes on because media mogul Tyra Banks is casting for Cycle 16 of “America’s Next Top Model”!

If you ever watch the show, you know that it can be inspirational… or a big hot steaming pile of mess. Either way, it’s always fun and entertaining!

According to Tyra:

“Here’s what I need from you. You need to be:

* 18 – 27 years old

* a U.S. Citizen

* Apply by Midnight on August 18th!”

Sign up today at http://www.tyra.com/view/TOP_MODEL_SEARCH16!

Tyra Banks Lands Book Deal

What can’t this diva do?! Super media mogul and model Tyra Banks has defied the “dumb model” stereotype, and has expanded her glamor empire beyond the shiny runways of New York, Milan and Paris.

The daring diva is a producer, talk show host, singer, and now, writer. She’s grabbed a three book partnership with publishing giant Random House, and launched a new division of her media empire called: Bankable Books.

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Tyra’s new book is called “Modelland” and is a fantasy story about a make-believe place where gorgeous “intoxibella” models have “special powers.” A young girl and her friends invade this magical land, but they’re not supposed to be there. And, as you can imagine, chaos will probably ensue.

Stay tuned for its release!

Something’s in the Water: Tyra Will End Show in 2011

Tyra Banks announced that after five years on the air, she’s ending her talkshow, “The Tyra Show,” in 2011. According to the Associated Press, Miss Tyra is refocusing her attention on her perennially successful reality show “America’s Next Top Model,” which is now in it’s fourteenth season.

The announcement comes on the heels of another talkshow queen who made her end-date announcement for 2011, also: Oprah Winfrey.

Don’t worry about Tyra giving up her media mogul crown!

[picappgallerysingle id=”7010853″]She’s also spending her energies creating a new production company for future films! Unlike Miss Winfrey, Ms. Banks appeals to a younger demographic of single women, especially, minority women. Her dominance among younger viewers has also been an advantage in the area of media. Tyra has alluded to a mysterious “digital project” that is sure to redefine and reframe the role of younger women-of-color in technology, film, and media, including the impact and accessibility of how that demographic is presented.  Here’s how Tyra’s and Oprah’s web ratings compare…!