The “Doll Test” 60 Years Later –Surprising Results on Tonight’s Anderson Cooper

CNN correspondents Anderson Cooper and Soledad O’Brien address the “Doll Test” that was given in the 1940’s to contribute to the studies about how segregation impacts society. Sixty years later, surprising (to some) results show that today’s white children still have an overwhelming white bias: 76% of the white children picked the two darkest skin tones to reflect the “dumb” child; 66% of them chose the two darkest skin tones to reflect the “mean” child; and 66% chose the two darkest skin tones for the color that adults “don’t like.” Hmmm…

Some of the children have parents who obviously know the impact of race in America, and those children were more impartial to their selections. A bright point are many of the responses from Black children, including a young girl who says, “I like the color that I am,” when asked which color she’d like to be.

See parents talk about the different ways they address race with their young children as part of “AC360″ special coverage “Black or White: Kids on race” tonight 10 p.m. ET