“Reno!911″ Canceled

The hilarious improv show “Reno!911″ won’t be returning next season to the Comedy Central Channel!

Series creators Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant announced the cancellation to fans via Twitter and Facebook. One of the few comedy shows to make the transition from small screen to big screen (“Reno!911: Miami”), “Reno!911″ has survived through consistent writing, improvisation and a team of comedians who worked seamlessly together on screen.

RENO 911!
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Comedy fans have been rallying against Comedy Central’s latest programming moves toward reruns, bad comedy movies and frat-boy college humor that can be found on any network or cable station. A Facebook page was created just to protest the cancellation, and can be found at: Save Reno 911.

“Reno!911″ also kept a core cast that included actress and comedian Niecy Nash, and Cedric Yarbrough, another gifted comedian who has doubled his appearances by appearing on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim cartoon, “The Boondocks.”

Fans and cast members were shocked. In a Reno Gazette Journal interview, co-creator Thomas Lennon, who plays the short-shorts wearing Lt. Dangle,  states “I think our ratings have been fine. They were neither like stratospherically great, nor were they bad. . . . So, I can’t really give a reason why, nor did the network give me a reason why we were cancelled.”

Some fans are sending Comedy Central emails and letters protesting the cancellation. If you’d like to voice your opinion, you can contact Comedy Central online, or sign one of the petitions.