Kasi Lemmon’s southern roots inspire her career

Filmmaker Kasi Lemmons was recently interviewed by WIP (Women’s International Perspective) author Miss Majek. In the interview Ms. Lemmons shows readers a glimpse of how her southern roots (Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama) helped her to develop her new classic film, EVE’S BAYOU, a film about an upper middle-class, Louisiana Creole family’s life through the eyes of it’s middle daughter, Eve Batiste, during one long, hot summer.

Ms. Lemmons also gives us a perspective of being a young, African American woman navigating the staged theater world and the filmmaking industry.

When asked about her advice for Black women filmmakers, she states:

I would advise them to be prepared to bring their “A” game. I’d tell them to work at the highest level of their ability. If they work hard and they are prepared, luck will come their way, because luck is the love child of preparedness and opportunity. Whatever they do, they should do it well, so if someone opens an opportunity for them, they are ready and prepared to take it. Also, I’d say they shouldn’t give up because I find that many women of color are easily discouraged, sometimes even before they start.

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