Indie Filmmaker Resources from S.A.G. Indie

Your friends at the Screen Actors Guild (“SAG”) have created an “indie” version at SAGIndie ( An interesting concept, but it’s up to you, the filmmaker, to decide if it’s helpful.

There are a number of administrative forms to keep your set and crew on-track –your investors will love that. No more little pieces of paper, random receipts, and indiscriminate scheduling.

You can even put a call out for casting, and add your business to their directory.

More info:

5 Indispensable Websites for Filmmakers

If you’re a 21st century movie-maker, then youcan’t pass up the following sites to help promote your film! Most of your audience will hear about your film through an online presence, not your uncle at church. Make sure you have an email account to sign up for any of these sites!

5. Bullet Film

For free you can upload your film, and setup a film presence for your audience. If you have a trailer, that’s even better!

4. IndieGoGo

IndieGoGo is new on the scene, but is already impacting filmmaking and filmmakers! Get people to donate to your film, communicate with your fans, and network with other filmmakers! (And don’t forget to “friend” IBWFF when you get there!!)

3. Film

Where else can you find the ultimate, international film festival guide? Better site for the larger film festivals, like the Berlin Film Festival or the San Francisco Film Festival.


Convert almost any digital media to another format, including adjustments for sound, frames, size, etc. …and it’s all for FREE!

1. YouTube

YouTube is the film-/video-/movie-maker’s crack. The cons, is that your film is available …to everyone. If you have some old film school clips just sitting around, upload them and create a buzz and discussion around your work!

Reel Clever for Filmmakers!

Filmmakers are always asking me about where they can promote their film online… other than YouTube. Several great services have popped up recently, specifically, the Bay Area’s IndieGoGo (

A new service has popped up as yet another alternative!

Reel Clever touts itself as:
“Create & manage your online showreel, collaborate with others, find work & get discovered. Manage your projects online with our great project management tools.”

With Reel Clever you get such features as a Video Draft Room, storyboard creator, Crew Manager, production calendar, and –best of all– a series of promotional tools.

As a film festival organizer, this tool will help immensely with my new electronic submission process with filmmakers. And, it will save filmmakers loads of time and resources in organizing and promoting their next big film!

Check it out at: Reel Clever

Screenwriter Seeking Executive Producers

I’m a black, female screenwriter looking for executive producers that are
interested in changing the “slanted face” of filmmaking by putting dark-skinned
black women in LEAD roles. A great foray into that endeavor would be my
project below:

Title: “Bla’ Volt” (Short for “Black Girls’ Revolt”)
Genre: Crime/Caper/Action/Satire
Logline: A secret society of innovative, ebony-toned bombshells mastermind
a plan to rob from a corrupt government agency to save downtrodden residents
at a local homeless shelter.

(Think “Ocean’s Eleven” meets “Cleopatra Jones”.)

Marjorie J. Frazier
_mjfwrites2u@nullaol.com_ (