Pariah director Dee Rees signs with WME and works with Viola Davis

Director Dee Rees made a huge splash at Sundance with her feature film Pariah, a coming-of-age film about a young, Black girl discovering her identity. The film was picked up by Focus Features in January 2011.

Riding her the success of Pariah, Dee signed with UTA but found a need to change and is now signed to WME Entertainment. When she signed to Focus Features, she also penned a deal to do another film for them —a thriller called Bolo. The film will pair her back up with Pariah producer Nekisa Cooper, who is also making waves in her own right. (Read August 24, 2011, post.)

Ms. Rees is also in talks for a small screen series (30 minutes) featuring The Help star Viola Davis. The project is still untitled. Ms. Davis will be the lead role. According to, “The series is said to be a look at the corruption of a city through the eyesof the headmaster of an exclusive prep school who has her eye on bigger things.”

According to Dee, Pariah is scheduled for release in Winter 2011.


Just In! “Pariah” Cast Photos

Just in are exclusive photos from WireImages’ Portrait Gallery at the Sundance  Film Festival starring the cast of Pariah, a by director Dee Rees. There’s still time to catch them at the festival with screenings on January 26 and 28th, 2011! Find out more at Sundance 2011!


Pariah Selected for 2011 Sundance

In June 2009, the International Black Women’s Film Festival told you about the upcoming film Pariah by director Dee Rees, and now  she’s headed to Sundance for 2011!

You can help Dee to get to Sundance through Kickstarter, and pledge as little ($1) or as most as you want. Go to Kickstarter to pledge now: .

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If you can catch Pariah at Sundance in Park City, Utah, there are still tickets available for the January 28 screening at the Eccles  Theater. Let’s support and help this sister to be seen in wider distribution!

About Pariah the movie:

Pariah is a feature film about a Brooklyn teenager who juggles conflicting identities and risks friendship, heartbreak, and family in a desperate search for sexual expression. The film was shot on location in December 2009 over 19 days in Brooklyn, NY. It is a classic coming of age story told from a perspective never seen before on the big screen. To learn more, please visit

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 Pariah is a coming-of-age drama about a lesbian teenager who unsuccessfully juggles multiple identities to avoid rejection from her friends and family.

Producer Nekisa Cooper is looking for your voice and support for her film Pariah. Pariah is set against the kinetic and incongruous social landscape of middle class New York City, Alike vacillates between being a proud and sexually independent woman amongst her openly gay friends and being the feminine, obedient girl that her strict Christian upbringing dictates she be.

Torn by mounting pressure from home, school, and within, the line between her dual personas wears thin with explosive consequences.

Here’s a Message From Ms. Cooper:

Written by award-winning Sundance Institute Fellow

 Dee Rees, PARIAH, is a coming of age story about a black lesbian teenager

 struggling to express her sexual identity. We are fortunate to be 1 of 10

 semifinalists in the Netflix Find Your Voice Competition and I need help

 getting the word about for people to support the film. Please visit our

 website to learn more about the award-winning short film and our plans to

 turn it into a feature. Please contact me if you’re interested in

 learning more and supporting us in getting more diversity on the big

 screen! Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

 Best Regards,

 Nekisa Cooper

 Producer, PARIAH

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