Stop Dissing Kim Porter

Normally I don’t comment on the foolishness of today’s “celebrities,” but Sean “Diddy” Combs recent comments about Jennifer Lopez are starting to become nauseating and publicly humiliating for his so-called girlfriend and “baby mama” Kim Porter –especially since he just threw Ms. Porter a birthday party less than a week ago in West Hollywood.

Though they’ve been on-again-off-again for more than a decade, and though they have three children together, he still openly pines for his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. It wasn’t enough that when he *was* with La-Lopez, he wasn’t yet “through” with Ms. Porter, yet and still, he made such outrageous proclamations that he was “in love” with J-Love, and went as far as to purchase signage in NYC to proclaim it.

The message this is sending is not about unrequited love, or “two ships sailing in the night,” it’s obviously about setting a dollar sign on a relationship and placing a social hierarchy on a relationship –and the Black woman is still the lowest valued in both. This also sends a message to young, Black women about their personal worth, and can only chip away at the delicateness of young, Black, female self-esteem. Imagine the countless hip-hop fans who are young, Black women who are witnessing this repeated public disrespect of Ms. Porter? To have our magazines hold up this dysfunction as a “healthy relationship,” while one of the partners publicly declares his love to another on gossip blogs, gossip magazines, and in Playboy Magazine, is too much. (Read The Dish here…)

Please, let’s stop co-signing on this kind of public humiliation of Black women and stop feeding into its dysfunction and self-hatred.

I’m officially off of the soap box…

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Rashida Scores Another One!

Former television girlfriend of “The Office” character Jim Halpert, the “real life” Rashida Jones, has scored another sweet spot on NBC!

She’ll be starring alongside SNL’s Amy Poehler in another quirky sitcom called “Park and Recreation.” Staying on her quirky streak, she plays the “straight girl” to the wackiness of Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, in the comedy “I Love You Man.”

Paul Rudd is box office gold when it comes to comedy , and he’s starred in such hits as the “40 Year Old Virgin,” “Role Models,” “Clueless,” and a host of other Frat Pack films. Hopefully, this will only add to Ms. Jones’ comedy cache!

PRESS RELEASE: Urban Indie Film “What Goes Around” in Demand

More Info:

By great demand, Sunrason Films’ What Goes Around takes to the road this October with special screenings in the Philadelphia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Toronto, and Baltimore areas. The relationship drama, heralded for its gutsy outlook on the dangers of unprotected sex, and the spread of HIV/AIDS, features a stellar cast of actors, media personalities, and prominent entertainment figures.

Against the backdrop of South Florida’s vibrant entertainment scene, What Goes Around examines the intricacies of love, lust, romance, promiscuity, friendship, and family with the sharp and witty humor and bold frankness that is characteristic of Caribbean-Americans. Staring newcomers Sakina Samuda and Kim Goss alongside popular soundmen (DJs) Nohard ‘Noah’ Grant and Ricardo ‘Supa Twitch’ Sanchez, acclaimed Dancehall artists Andrew “Flippa Mafia” Davis, David “Mavado” Brooks, and Karl-Marx “KC Jockey” Waite, famed Jamaican dancer Kemar “Ding Dong” Ottey, dub poet Ras Atiba, and popular radio personality Mike B of South Florida’s 99 JAMZ, What Goes Around has been lauded as one of the most anticipated film releases of 2008.

The screening schedule is as follows:

• September 28th: Cinema Paradiso, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
• October 2nd: The Bridge, Philadelphia, PA
• October 5th: Allure Lounge, Charlotte, NC
. October 9th: Yorkdale Silver City, Toronto, Canada
• October 10th: Galaxy Complex Galleria Movie Theater @ South Dekalb Mall,
Decatur, GA
• October 12th: The Rich Auditorium @Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta, GA
• October 18th: Hoff Theatre @the Stamp Student Union, Univ. of Maryland,
College Park, MD

Screenings in New York City and Jamaica are tentatively scheduled for November.

For more information about What Goes Around and Sunrason Films, contact Charlene Campbell at 954-439-3820 or