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JOB: Creative Film Services Music Coordinator (Walt Disney Studios – Burbank, CA)

Creative Film Services Music Coordinator

**NOTE: This is a 1-year Project position to be based in Burbank, CA**

Key Responsibilities:

• Assist VP in liaising with WDSHE creative executives / producers regarding deadlines and upcoming projects
• Compile Playlists for VP of songs to be considered for WDSHE marketing.
• Send audio files of approved song ideas to WDSHE vendors
• Assist VP in coordinating original music for WDSHE marketing materials and in sending agreements to composers
• Assist VP in locating appropriate library cues for WDSHE materials and suggest library alternatives to commercial music when necessary
• Assist VP in obtaining original score and songs for all direct to DVD releases for use in WDSHE marketing
• View all WDSHE marketing materials, including trailers, Tv spots, bonus materials and menus
• Obtain cue sheets for all materials
• Confirm all music listed on cue sheets matches music in materials
• Alert supervisor if any music is not from an authorized library or is a commercial copyright
• Enter all cue titles, composer information, publisher and label into FileMaker data base
• Create formal cue sheet for all materials that ship
• Maintain iTunes library of all music cues used in all WDSHE film marketing campaigns
• Provide all clear music to WDSHE vendors for each campaign
• Maintain budgets for all WDSHE marketing campaigns
• Track all library contracts and expiration dates
• Facilitate clearance of all library cues in WDSHE marketing materials


• Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Communications or Related Field
• At least 3 years experience in marketing in Music industry.
• Must have strong organization and multi-tasking skills under tight deadlines.
• Must have strong interpersonal skills to build relationships with internal and external partners.
• Must be proactive and trouble shoot as needed.
• Strong written and oral communication skills and a professional presentation, with the ability to consistently perform above and beyond defined responsibilities to ensure success of projects.
• Must be Mac literate and have strong knowledge of Apple Mail, FileMaker Pro, iTunes
• ProTools knowledge is a plus

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