Can Sistas Get Some Props… Please?

It’s bad enough that the new swarm of reality series populating NBC, VH-1, and Bravo, are carbon copies of series where Black women viciously attack one another over seemingly mind-numbing issues like talent (or lack thereof), clothing (or lack thereof), and a job (or lack thereof); but while we were distracted with that, we failed to see the trickling of biters that have been stealing the look, style, and features of Black women who shine in film, television, and music.

We all know how badly the American and European public talked about our rumps up until the early-1990’s when rapper and DJ Sir Mix-a-lot created a parody song celebrating le derrière suprême of Black women. MTV played the video until it became a monster hit on cable video stations and in clubs.

Then, emerging star (and former “In Living Color” Fly Girl) Jennifer Lopez magically received media approval for her gluteus maximus. Even Black men were publicly proclaiming her butt as a work of art –while suspiciously ignoring Black women with comparable and favorable public proclamation. There were tweets about her butt, rap lyrics, and more.

Then came Angelina Jolie’s lips… the same type of lips that had gotten Black women teased, dissed, ignored and scowled at. The same lips that drew comments like soup coolers, DSLs, and other crude and derogatory terms; but somehow Angelina Jolie made them haute couture.

So now it seems that some non-Black women are swiping our looks…again.

As all of these women are beautiful in their own right, it seems like Black women just can’t get any respect for our unique beauty, our fashion innovation, our style, or our physical appearance, without someone wanting to co-op it to push their own career.

So here’s to the new crop of biters. Take a look and tell me what you think…


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